A Gift of Pickle

Festivities are around the corner. The last three months of the year are full of one festival or the other and market is booming. The local shop owners open before time and close after. From clothes to consumables, everything is selling off the racks like hot cakes and why not! We Indians love largesse and we love to celebrate in a house way. And we love our sweets- be it the local halwai selling our favourite gulab jamuns or a huge shop having a variety of colourful, tasteful wonder of sweets laid out under amber lightning, enticing you to take a bite. But I have a different opinion about this.


One of these days, I was coming back from work and looking forward to a sumptuous dinner at home. Dreaming about a fantastic spread lay out, although I knew there would be nothing like that, but I hoped because my cook gave me surprises and I thought maybe she had telepathy and today is one of those surprise days. I arrived home to see an upset Kanta- my cook, who had a fight with her husband, due to which my dreams of having a nice dinner were destroyed, what was left with me were dal chawal. The same old masoor ki dal and those tukda chawal; the site of them made me upset. I thought of ordering, but I had already had my share of eating out for the week, couldn’t overdo it. Controlling my urges, I washed up and sat down in front of the television with my plate of dal chawal. And at that very instant I saw to my delight a jar of pickle kept on the dining table. I thought that this would maybe enhance my rookha sookha khana and I was impressed. Not only did that Qoot mango pickle enhance my khana it made dal-chawal one of my favourite dishes, of course always accompanied by pickle.

I later discovered that different kinds of Qoot pickle when eaten with different dishes does enhance and bring about a whole lot of difference in the eating experience. For example- I prefer the lemon pickle with sabzi and roti and during winters I like the mixed pickle best. With breakfast of paranthas, the green chillies pickles works wonders. The options are so many that I’m spoiled of choice, but never compromised on taste.

Now, coming back to the festivities, I wonder why we do not gift each other pickle jars. Why is it that we always have to share sweets? Aren’t we all just over it? I’m not even going to the health hazards of eating so much sweet, but I think a savory, mouth-watering, a great food accompaniment deserves a chance to be gifted this festive season. I will be gifting Qoot pickle jars to my loved ones this Diwali, will you?

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5 Comments on A Gift of Pickle

Mohit Rana said : Guest Report 11 months ago

Qoot pickle made my boring khichdi so delightful :)

Amit Sethi said : Guest Report 11 months ago

All pickles taste like home made ones....really Im a great fan...try it out once

Punit Sharma said : Guest Report 11 months ago

Qoot Pickles are truly amazing...i have tried the sweet lemon. its yummy

Rajesh Chawla said : Guest Report 11 months ago

Cannot think of my meals without pickles. even the simple meals tastes better

Sumit Kataria said : Guest Report 11 months ago

Yes i too really wish that we get pickles as gifts....many will love