Khakhra A New Snacking Revolution

I remember well, I was on a train journey with my friends. We had to spend two days in the train and our food was running out. By the end of the first day we were living on biscuits and namkeen. Then, at a particular moment which just does not leave my mind, I heard a powerful crunching noise from a corner of a seat. It had definitely caught the attention of my other friends too; who just as curious as me came swiftly in its direction.


It was my half Gujrati friend munching on a flat papad, or atleast it looked like that. Of course, we snatched the packet from her and had our share. Later, we were enlightened about the great gujrati khakhra. Her mother had prepared it especially for the long train journey as it perishes for long and dosen’t cause any gastric trouble. My friend’s mother not only is an exceptional cook, she is also a proud Gujrati living in Delhi who carries her cuisine forward and prides on it.

Khakhra and I had what I call a ‘love in first bite’. Crunchy, light and healthy, you don’t really have to watch your portions while you are having them. Unlike other fried snacks, khakhras are roasted which gives them bonus points on any diet conscious person’s chart.

In between lunch and dinner, after dinner, late night or maybe any time of the day that is not meal time is what we Indians call ‘snack time’. In our bid to satisfy our snack pangs we have tried a variety of food stuffs, mostly unhealthy food stuffs, made of maida which sits heavy in the stomach or fried in cholesterol rich oils.
Khakhras are light-weight, crispy crackers made from wheat flour, mat bean and oil. They are thin and come in a variety of delicious flavours.

Qoot offers four exquisite flavours of khakhras namely-

Mastani Methi: As the name suggests, it’s titillating to the taste buds and a definite amalgamation of two super foods- Wheat and Methi.

Punjabi Masala– Punjabis put their masalas in whatever they love and khakhras are no exception. Punjabi masala adds tanginess to khakhras worldwide.

Classic salted: Plain, simple and the best. There are flavours which never go out of fashion and classic salted is one of them.

Mast Jeera: An angel on an ingredient to fight indigestion. Jeera contains strong healthy aroma. Jeera khakhra are a favorite with people who prefer less spice in their food.
So before that in-between hunger hits you in the gut, get your flavor of Qoot khakhras and thank the Gujratis in your prayers.

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