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The popular Gujarati snacks

Gujaratis are one Indian community whom you get to see in large numbers outside India. It is because of this people are becoming very much aware of the Gujarati food and the popularity is rising day by day. People are not only inquisitive about Gujarati meals but also about the Gujarati snacks. The Gujaratis love to have snacks and they are available in large variety all over the country.

Variety of snacks

 Each Gujarati snack is different and their tastes vary. Popular snacks like khandhvi and dhokla are spongy and wet, cooked snacks like khakhra are crispy and light, kachori is a fried snack, and poha and chevra have rice like consistency. Among the sweets naan khatai has a biscuit-like texture and jalebi, which is fried in boiling sugar syrup, is very tasty. There are various steamed Gujarati snacks available, which are suitable for the health conscious people.


 Chevra, poha and khakhra are savory and can be prepared as mild or spicy depending upon the taste. The taste of dhokhla and khandhvi is totally unique and has a kind of tangy-spicy taste. They are made of gram flour and sour yogurt. Different spices and seasoning are used to enhance the taste. The taste of chevra and poha is almost similar to the flavoured rice served with vegetables, somewhat like the Indian Pulao. Dabeli and vada pav are available everywhere in Gujarat, they are better known as Indian burger.

 Though Dhokla and khandhvi are the most popular snacks and are available almost any party of the country, the popularity of khakhra is also rising high. Khakhra are thin crackers, which are prepared using wheat flour, mat bean and oil. It is a healthy and crunchy snack served with selection of chutneys and pickles. Khakhra manufacturers are not confined in Gujarat only several Khakhra manufacturers in Delhi are also making khakhra and selling them in large numbers. Qoot is one of the best papad manufacturers selling quality products since a long time.