Papad Manufacturer

Papad – the popular food item in India

Papad is a very tasty and popular food item in Indian diet. It is a wafer like product, generally round in shape and is prepared from dough of powdered pulses, powdered chilly, spices and salt. The proportion and types of pulses vary from region to region based on the preferences of the people living in the locality. Certain varieties of papad are universally popular all over India. Traditionally papad making was confined to household, but as the demand increases and with the availability of machinery, different papad manufacturing companies have now been developed in different parts of India.

Papad is one of the favourite food items for Indians and is usually served as snack item. It also enhances the taste when eaten with the main course. As it is made from the pulses, it is nutritious and at the same time it is very easy to digest. It is very simple to make this instant food item, it can be either fried in edible oil or you can simply roast the papad before serving. The shelf life of papad is 2 to 3 months.

Papad manufacturer companies make papad using various varieties of pulses and sometimes varieties of pulses combined together. To prepare a dough right amount of water should be added in the flour of pulses, spices, sodium bicarbonate and salt and then it has to be kneaded properly for at least 30 minutes. Small balls each weighing 7 to 8 grams need to be made from the dough. The balls are then placed in the papad making machine where they are pressed to give it a circular shape depending on the size of the mould.  The papads are then dried in sun or sometimes trolley is used for drying. After the papad is made they are packed in polythene bags and are ready for sale. Qoot is one such trusted name as papad exporters and manufacturers in India.