Hand Made Papad – Even the plainest of meals can be made interesting with that crisp bite of the Papad, The Papad, is one of the most loved Indian preparations, that is part of every meal in homes all over. Papad, is a salty (usually spicy) crispy thin wafers. Papad is served as a side dish to a meal or as an appetizer or snack. Sometime several dipping sauce or condiments such as diced onions or chutney are served with it. Raw papads are made after rolling lentils or rice dough mixed with spices into a thin flatbread and sun drying it. Raw papad are served either after roasting or deepfrying. Interestingly after advent of microwave, often papad is now served after microwaving the raw ones.


Qoot has introduced quite a few New Flavours in Hand made papad like Moong Pudina, Khatta Meetha Chana papad which are appreciated by the consumers of all age groups.

Health Benefit –
Roasted or grilled papad helps to absorb the fatty material from mouth and throat when consumed at the end of the meal.

Papad is good appetizer and digestive.
As Papads are made of lentils, thus are free from gluten, rich in protein and dietary fiber.