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Best home-made pickles from Grandma’s cook book

Pickles are something that very few people can actually resist. Buying jars of pickles from commercial stores is an easy task, but you can derive the real pleasure of the taste when you make it all by yourself at home. Spending the summer afternoons by making pickles can be a fruitful task indeed; you can try out extensive recipes with basic cucumbers, turnips, okra etc. The ingredients needed are salt, vinegar, sugar and water; and of course the seasonings to pour atop.  Here are some exciting pickle recipes that have been tantalizing our taste buds ever since grandma’s times –

  • Dill Pickles – To make this, you need small cucumbers that are cut and sized into quarters, pickling spice, sprigs fresh dill, sliced cloves of garlic, cider vinegar, sea salt and sugar. Put the sliced cucumbers into the heatproof-plastic containers with lids, then add the pickling spice and the dill sprigs and garlic slices. Combine vinegar, water, salt and sugar in a saucepan and boil it until the sugar dissolves completely. Carefully fill the jar with this solution to the rim and cover the lids. Refrigerate this for one day before serving and you can use this for almost one month by storing in the refrigerator.
  • Pickled Turnips – Two pounds turnips, few slices of peeled beet, large cloves of garlic, cider vinegar, sea salt, water and sugar are the things you need to make this pickle. The process is all the same, you need to put the turnips, garlic and beet in the jars; then vinegar, water, salt and sugar needs to be boiled in saucepan until the sugar dissolve. Add this solution to the jars and enjoy your pickle hours for almost 1 month. Make sure you keep this storing in refrigeration.

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