Please Pass the Sauce

Working at a friend’s place to no end make’s you hungry and the pangs of after lunch hunger are particularly harsh for me. I just cannot take it lying down; fortunately my friend felt the same, so ordered burgers and fries. The order came; we expectantly opened the brown packet of love and let out a cry of anger rather than a sigh of relief. THERE WERE NO SAUCE PACKETS!


How dare a person who works in the business of fast food not realize the importance of sauce in life? The marriage of sauce with burgers, fries, and sandwiches is a tight and tough bond for life and no fast food seller dare destroy this equation. We were a bunch of angry girls, who were not supplied with our sauce. We harped about its importance to the owner of the fast food restaurant, but he was no way sending someone again to just deliver a few packets of sauce.

Well, we had no choice. We had to get a sauce bottle from the market. By this time, not only our hunger was at its peak, but we needed a good quality tasty sauce for which we had got out of our comfortable homes.
After having seen a plethora of sauces, we zeroed in on Qoot tomato sauce. The condiments that it offered was splendid and it was very thick too, like real tomato sauce. We were going back home after having acquired our best tomato sauce, but this friend of mine stopped in her way.

Being a thorough Delhiite, her mouth-watered on seeing hot samosas, they were definitely looking very appetizing and owing to our now humongous pangs of hunger, we thought of having one each. The wonderful samosa landed on our plate hot and crispy and with it landed a packet of Qoot snack sauce. We were astonished! Wasn’t this the same brand we had purchased a while back?

When we asked the samosa seller, he told us that his customers prefer Qoot over other chatnis. Without any further ado, we bit into our samosa pieces covered in this marvelous snack sauce and truth be told, it was indeed heavenly. The combination of the samosa and this snack sauce was a match made in heaven.

We knew there would be time when we would again feel hungry, hence we asked for a few extra packets of Qoot snack sauce so that we can relish our late night snacking of namkeen a delicious affair.

After all this, we weren’t disheartened. The tomato sauce tasted better than whatever we had been having in the name of tomato sauce and later in the night, our namkeen cravings found an edge with the snack sauce.
The fact of the matter being, for every great food you need a greater companion and we found ours in Qoot sauces.

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