Rajasthani Papad Manufacturer

Papads – Low calorie and healthy snacks


Papads – the thin wafer like texture and crunchy snack makes it a favourite of many. Especially, in India, Papads are immensely popular in the western states. It is equally loved and consumed in rest of the communities. The food has many health benefits like low in calorie, high in vitamins and minerals, high in dietary fibre and also high in sodium (which is a demerit coined for this food item).
Papads are made from daals and lentils, thus there is no doubt that it is healthy and a great source of protein. However, nowadays sorgum, rice, sago and even flour is being used to make papads and spices like chilli or pepper are crushed and added while making them to give better taste. If you can roast papads in microwave or directly on fire, then they are even healthier; deep frying papads in less oil is also harmless.
Many food experts have also said that regularly eating deep fried papad can eventually make your cholesterol levels high because papads retain a lot of oil. However, if the papads are made in healthy oil and taken in limited quantities, there is just no harm that it can poise on your health. There are many papad manufacturers in the market, however all do not sell papads that have high nutritional value and made from healthy oil; you can trust “Qoot” as they are known to be the most trusting  Rajasthani papad manufacturer, selling this item along with other food products for years now.